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Manhattan’s First Whiskey Distillery Since Prohibition



A blurb from Great Jones’s Distillery Website:

“One hundred years after the last whiskey distillery in Manhattan shut its doors, Great Jones Distilling Co. is bringing this iconic spirit back to the Big Apple. Our home at 686 Broadway in the NoHo neighborhood of Manhattan is a monument to the rich culture of Prohibition-era New York, and a celebration of whiskey — past and present.”

“The spirit of New York drives everything we do. It’s why we use 100% New York-sourced ingredients in our craft whiskeys, and it’s what inspires us to deliver experiences worthy of the best of our city. Whether you’re touring our distillery, sipping a craft cocktail, or enjoying a locally-sourced meal at our restaurant, you’re part of a New York tradition, reborn.”



As the only working whiskey distillery in Manhattan since prohibition times, Great Jones brings a dash of the 1920’s back to Broadway. While visiting the distillery, one can pair a cocktail with a gourmet meal at the restaurant, join a tour, schedule a tasting, or sign up for one of the many special events held on site every week. In order to continue growing sales of their current whiskey offerings, the brand asked GNF to help conceptualize, design, and produce a custom tasting kit to be used by their reps all across New York state. 



GNF gathered inspiration from the distillery’s elegantly renovated building to help impart a sense of the duality of NYC’s grit and glamour to the design. Natural wood, shiny gold accents, and curved glass bottles purposely mirror some of the textures and materials found at 686 Broadway. The logo etched box showcases 3 sample bottles of whiskey distilled specifically for the Private Barrel Collection, as well as a card die cut to match the silhouette of the distillery. While informational, the card also doubles as an invitation, and scanning the embedded QR code takes you directly to a page on the brand’s website where you can sign up for their many experiences.