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Freixenet Calligraphy Message on a Bottle Campaign


As a way to highlight the differentiation of their beautiful matte black bottle, Freixenet Cava fully embraces the art of customization with their year-round “Message on a Bottle” initiative. Since 2022, GNF has been spearheading this program by finding and hiring local calligraphers all across the country for custom calligraphy events. These professional calligraphers have been writing on Freixenet bottles at grocery and liquor stores in over 13 markets.



Primarily centered around core holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Graduation, Thanksgiving and Christmas, calligraphers will write and/or doodle a holiday specific message or something more custom with the customer’s purchase of the bottle. These calligraphers are talented artists and painters and offer bottle painting on site as an additional option, time permitted. To date, some of the most popular messages have included birthday and anniversary wishes along with favors for upcoming weddings.



As word of the popularity of the program spreads, MOAB calligraphy continues to expand into new markets and stores. The custom calligraphy has now extended through the entire line of Freixenet products, including the matte sparkling rosé bottle as well as the shiny white ice cuvee. Several locations have also requested calligraphers for special occasions such as store openings or anniversary parties.


As a new extension of the program, this year Freixenet is now partnering up with select calligraphers to create and promote unique branded Instagram content that highlights DIY hacks for decorating the bottles at home. This way, if consumers can’t find any local events happening in their area on the freixenetusa.com website, they can simply turn to social media to find some quick and easy step by step instructions for creating the perfect masterpiece all throughout the year!