Unbox Your Phone: Samsung S8 Launch

To support the Samsung S8 smartphone launch, GNF took to the streets of South Beach to drive awareness, interest and create up-close firsthand interaction. A large black box was placed in high-trafficked areas and became a conversation piece as it showcased the words β€œunbox your phone” as a clue to the contents.

Throughout the evening, the box unfolded creating a spectacle on the street. Each performance included music, dancers and giveaways. GNF Brand Ambassadors worked the crowd to demo the S8 so consumers could touch and see the first-ever infinity display.

To further enhance this experience and promote the unmatched color clarity, GNF selected world renown artist, Romero Britto. His colorful art provided the illuminated background for this happening.

Britto made surprise appearances and interacted with the crowd. This drove local media coverage and generated local Sprint store traffic and sales of the S8.