Take a deep breath. Then take the GMAT.

It is a passage of life that many young college students must encounter. Simply put, taking the GMAT exam is the necessary next step for those looking to go to graduate school.

It is also a time when young people are simply stressed out about the culmination of a college career, which isn’t aided by the pressure of preparing for an intensive test like the GMAT.

That’s why on college campuses, we are helping students realize that the GMAT understands them. Our launch of the G-MAT yoga classes lets us explain the virtues of taking the test now, while simultaneously calming their anxiety levels.

Early indications from campuses like University of Texas at Austin to Cornell, are that the student body appreciates the gesture and respects the effort to relay the important information about taking the test while grounding them with simple facts and rationale.

Sign ups to date are increasing while stress levels are said to be decreasing. To that we say β€œOm.”

Check out these photos from one of the events: