Stranahan’s Sampling Program

GNF hit the road with Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey for a sampling program that brought the branded trailer to a different bar every Thursday night in Denver, CO.

What better way to deliver the “straight Rocky Mountain whiskey” than by using a traditional Airstream Trailer to bring the purest, freshest ingredients from the top of the Colorado Rockies to on-premise locations. They amped up the tour with a sports radio broadcast from the trailer every night. The tour was a hit, with consumers engaging with the brand and giving rave reviews after tasting the product.

Visitors of note that stopped by the trailer to hang out include MLB players Jason Hirsch, pitcher for the Colorado Rockies and Houston Astros; and Daniel Schlereth, pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks, Detroit Tigers, and Colorado Rockies; and NFL player Bo Scaife, tight end for the Tennessee Titans, Cincinnati Bengals and New England Patriots.