GNF’s Sampling Tour Takes Fleet of GOOD THiNS Carts Across America

GNF created a campaign to support the launch of GOOD THiNS, a brand new snack from Mondelēz. We created awareness and engaged our target, primarily made up of full-time workers, via experiential sampling in 19 markets across the U.S. and through a corporate sampling initiative. GNF managed all aspects of the campaign including scheduling, staffing, creative design and production.

The sampling tour kicked off in NYC near heavily trafficked commuter hubs and business districts like Wall Street and Grand Central. Brand ambassadors spread the GOOD word about GOOD THiNS and manned our fleet of branded carts while passersby tasted delicious samples and sent free “GOOD JOB from GOOD THiNS” packages to coworkers and friends. Packages were sent complete with a full-size box of product, balloon and customizable To/From sticker. We’ve hand-delivered over 500 packages so far to reward recipients for doing a GOOD job at work with GOOD THiNS – a snack they can feel GOOD about eating that tastes GOOD, too!

Through the corporate sampling initiative, our message extended even further to 5,000 employees across 14 select companies. Our corporate sampling kit provided refrigerator magnets, posters, table tents, and of course, product to give employees a taste of their new go-to afternoon snack and encourage consumption at work. They even received coupons to stimulate purchase of GOOD THiNS as a must-have office pantry staple. Now, that’s GOOD!


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