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Catch of the Week: Levi’s and the San Francisco Forty Viners

With the kickoff of NFL season officially underway (albeit not drama-free), it’s only appropriate that our catch of the week falls with the San Francisco 49ers.

In celebration of the 49ers’ new stadium namesake, Levi’s is giving fans an extra bang for their buck. Any fans wearing Levi’s throughout the season could win free drinks or get invited into the 501 Club, a 23,000-square-foot space above the stadium’s craft beer garden. As for any 49ers fans in NYC, fear not: Levi’s reps could also show up at Finnerty’s sports bar in the Big Apple to fly fans to San Francisco for the next home game…as long as they are wearing Levi’s. Continue reading “Catch of the Week: Levi’s and the San Francisco Forty Viners”

Catch of the Week: 99 Cans of Beer in the Box

99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer. Take one down, pass it around…

It’s surprising no beer company has jumped on this song until now, but it seems appropriate that the one finally taking these lyrics to heart is from Texas, where everything is bigger.

Austin Beerworks created the 99-pack to launch its Peacemaker Anytime Ale “with a bang,” and it has caught the attention of beer lovers across the country. The first 20 packs will be delivered tomorrow (Thursday, Aug. 28), and the company is posting on its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages as the deliveries are happening.

The Peacemaker Anytime Ale website ( features “Anytimers” of the month, encourages people to capture their “anytime” moment online with #anytimeale and walks visitors through an online taste test; a seemingly condensed version of what someone at the brewery would explain if you were tasting it in person.

A limited number of boxes, a unique take on packaging and a supporting digital strategy makes this a great campaign to boost awareness, drive demand and have fun with a product. If you’re one of the lucky 20 this weekend, enjoy your 82 pounds of craft beer!

Catch of the Week

Catch of the Week: Box Brands’ Pizza Vending Machine

Turns out there’s an even faster version of fast food, and it comes in the form of kiosks or vending machines.

Box Brands, the maker of the Burrito vending machine, is stepping up its game and redefining pizza boxes. New machines called Pizza Boxes will bake – not microwave – 10-inch pizzas in 90 seconds for $5 each.


The first Pizza Boxes are going to start making appearances in LA in five months. These come off the heels of Box Brands’ Burritobox, which launched earlier this year and each cook and serve EVOL brand burritos with free-range chicken, grass-fed beef, uncured bacon and cage-free eggs in 60 seconds. That’s not all — a Burritobox also provides free Wi-Fi.

While a food-serving vending machine may seem questionable to you, the emergence of brands like Box Brands represents the growth and sophistication of vending machines and kiosks today. Other brands are turning to kiosks for other purposes, such as Nike’s FuelBox, which allowed users to exchange FuelBand points for Nike gear. Old Navy is using vending machines to distribute flip-flops in exchange for tweets, and Coca-Cola has used vending machines and kiosks in many campaigns, such as its “Happiness Vending Machine,” “Friendly Twist,” “Hello Happiness,” “Hug Me Machine” and “Mini Kiosk.”

These machines are making their way into more marketing campaigns and company strategies alike. Are they a part of your plan?

Catch of the Week: Expedia Thrown Back Thursdays

We might be a day early, but this throwback Thursday campaign is worth talking about all week long, and all throughout August. Expedia’s new “Thrown Back Thursdays” is taking #tbt literally by giving away chances to recreate a throwback photo, complete with the same place, people and similar outfits.


This is really cool. We’ve seen people recreating photos from the past before, but we’re excited to see a brand jumping on this nostalgic online trend and getting people even more engaged with throwback Thursday. Plus, the campaign ties in perfectly with what Expedia is all about – traveling, journeys and memories.

180LA, the agency behind the campaign, says there have been more than 228 million #tbt hashtags to date. Our bet is that number is going to continue to rise, especially throughout the month of August as people get a little more selective about what posts they want to highlight – and hopefully recreate.

This is perfect timing as a rebuttal to a recent post in the Wall Street Journal about the blizzard of hashtags, and whether corporate hashtags are late to the game. From the looks of it, they still have a lot of life and creativity left in them, they just have to be the right message, for the right brand, for the right audience.

Expedia is picking an Instagram photo tagged with @Expedia and #ThrowMeBack every Thursday through September. Good luck, and happy reminiscing!

Catch of the Week: Lava Mae Bus Brings Showers to San Francisco Homeless

Most people either start or end their days with showers, and may not fully grasp how much of a luxury that is. Non-profit organization Lava Mae does, and aims to serve people lacking access to necessities like showers and bathrooms.

With the help of funding from an Indiegogo campaign and companies like Google (which donated $100,000), Lava Mae bought and refurbished a public transit bus, complete with two bathrooms with hot showers, shampoo, soap and towels – a process that costs $75,000 but is offered for free to the more than 6,500 homeless people in San Francisco.

The organization uses fire hydrants to power the showers and bus bathrooms. It partnered with another non-profit organization, Project Homeless Connect, which already helps the homeless but didn’t have any shower or bathroom amenities.

The full service launch is expected to roll out in the spring next year. Stay tuned!

Photo courtesy: Lava Mae

Catch of the Week

Catch of the Week: Burger King’s Proud Whopper

Burger King ran a special promotion in San Francisco for the “Proud Whopper,” a special edition of its signature burger, the Whopper, that featured a rainbow-colored wrapper and the message, “We Are All The Same Inside.”

The promotion ran at a Burger King location on Market Street in San Francisco, at the heart of the city’s 44th annual San Francisco Pride Celebration & Parade. The brand also handed out 50,000 rainbow-colored paper crowns.

When first presented with the Proud Whopper, customers asked employees, “What’s the difference?” to which employees responded simply, “I don’t know.” Other customers were convinced the burgers tasted different from regular Whoppers, but soon figured out the underlying message — they’re all the same, even if they’re a little different on the outside.

The campaign falls in line with Burger King’s recently tweaked slogan, “Be Your Way” (changed from “Have It Your Way”). All Proud Whopper sales, which were priced the same as a regular Whopper, will be donated to the Burger King McLamore Foundation for scholarships benefitting LGBT high school seniors graduating in 2015.

Strong message, innovative execution, relevant charity move and great for the brand’s national and local markets – watch below to see our catch of the week.


Catch of the Week

Catch of the Week: ‘Not Sorry’


Why are women always apologizing? Saying, “I’m sorry,” has become almost a reflex for women in everything they do, and Pantene is urging women to change their habits and stop apologizing, bringing “sorry, not sorry” to life.

Pantene’s #ShineStrong series aims to empower women. “When you’re strong on the inside, you shine on the outside,” the company says. In its most recent video, “Not Sorry,” Pantene highlights how frequently women apologize without even realizing it, and how eliminating that is a move toward empowerment and stronger women, making it our catch of the week: