Month: August 2014

Catch of the Week: 99 Cans of Beer in the Box

99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer. Take one down, pass it around…

It’s surprising no beer company has jumped on this song until now, but it seems appropriate that the one finally taking these lyrics to heart is from Texas, where everything is bigger.

Austin Beerworks created the 99-pack to launch its Peacemaker Anytime Ale “with a bang,” and it has caught the attention of beer lovers across the country. The first 20 packs will be delivered tomorrow (Thursday, Aug. 28), and the company is posting on its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages as the deliveries are happening.

The Peacemaker Anytime Ale website ( features “Anytimers” of the month, encourages people to capture their “anytime” moment online with #anytimeale and walks visitors through an online taste test; a seemingly condensed version of what someone at the brewery would explain if you were tasting it in person.

A limited number of boxes, a unique take on packaging and a supporting digital strategy makes this a great campaign to boost awareness, drive demand and have fun with a product. If you’re one of the lucky 20 this weekend, enjoy your 82 pounds of craft beer!

Catch of the Week

Catch of the Week: Box Brands’ Pizza Vending Machine

Turns out there’s an even faster version of fast food, and it comes in the form of kiosks or vending machines.

Box Brands, the maker of the Burrito vending machine, is stepping up its game and redefining pizza boxes. New machines called Pizza Boxes will bake – not microwave – 10-inch pizzas in 90 seconds for $5 each.


The first Pizza Boxes are going to start making appearances in LA in five months. These come off the heels of Box Brands’ Burritobox, which launched earlier this year and each cook and serve EVOL brand burritos with free-range chicken, grass-fed beef, uncured bacon and cage-free eggs in 60 seconds. That’s not all — a Burritobox also provides free Wi-Fi.

While a food-serving vending machine may seem questionable to you, the emergence of brands like Box Brands represents the growth and sophistication of vending machines and kiosks today. Other brands are turning to kiosks for other purposes, such as Nike’s FuelBox, which allowed users to exchange FuelBand points for Nike gear. Old Navy is using vending machines to distribute flip-flops in exchange for tweets, and Coca-Cola has used vending machines and kiosks in many campaigns, such as its “Happiness Vending Machine,” “Friendly Twist,” “Hello Happiness,” “Hug Me Machine” and “Mini Kiosk.”

These machines are making their way into more marketing campaigns and company strategies alike. Are they a part of your plan?

What We’re Hooked On: Snapchat Pitch Deck, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Messaging and More

We think it’s important to keep up with the ever-changing world of marketing so we can help deliver the most innovative ideas and campaigns for our clients. Check out what we’re hooked on this week!

Snapchat’s Pitch Deck

Snapchat has more than 30 million users who send 700 million photos and videos a day. This incredibly strong engagement and user base has led the company to a $10 billion valuation. Many brands are embracing the app: 16 Handles offers Snapchat coupons, and brands like Nissan, Mondelez’s Sour Patch Kids is one of many brands hiring Vine star Logan Paul to take over accounts and media outlets like Mashable, The Verge and MTV are just a few of many names using Snapchat to share behind-the-scenes Snaps. Digiday shared Snapchat’s pitch deck this week, highlighting the whos, whats, whens, wheres, whys and hows for businesses using Snapchat.


Why we’re hooked:

When Snapchat announced “Our Story” earlier this year, it opened the door for event sponsors to include content in an event story or increase engagement and awareness around a specific event. Combine this with Geofilters and all the ways brands are already experimenting with how to make the most of marketing with Snapchat, this deck justifies the potential for brands.

Twitter Accounts Your Friends Follow

Most Facebook users are probably familiar with a feature on Facebook that shows a post from an account you don’t follow, but your friends do. This idea of “suggested pages” is apparently spreading to Twitter, too. Users reported seeing accounts they don’t follow popping up on their feeds, but Twitter has not confirmed anything

Why we’re hooked:

For brands, this could be a great addition as it raises awareness of your account to a wider audience and could lead to more likes and engagement. However, this is a tricky move, because a Twitter feed is all about who the user chooses to follow. If it’s not an ad, and it’s not an account you follow…will people be happy it’s there?

Speaking of Twitter Ads…

In other Twitter news, the social network announced objective-based campaigns, reports and pricing this week. For example, brands can select what they want most from a campaign: followers, website clicks or conversions, tweet engagements, Twitter leads or app installs or engagements.

Why we’re hooked:

The ability to tell Twitter exactly what you want out of a campaign, pay only for those results and have more targeted performance metrics and analytics is great news for brands. In today’s world of big data, words like “cost per conversion,” “objective-based pricing” and “track conversions” are king.

Not to keep talking about Twitter, but…

Old Navy showed off a vending machine that dispenses free flip-flops in exchange for tweets. Called “Tweet for Your Feet,” the machines were placed in 36 high-traffic spots and required users to complete a fill-in-the-blank message. (“The best place to wear flip-flops is: _______”) The campaign supported Old Navy’s second-biggest promotion of the year, the $1 flip-flop sale.


Why we’re hooked:

We love experiential, and we love social media. The “tweet for a prize” idea isn’t new, but it’s still a creative way to engage users, draw attention to a promotion and utilize social to spread the word.

Tinder Puppy Love

Uber is a transportation service, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great idea to start delivering Christmas trees or delivering kittens for National Cat Day. Tinder is following Uber’s lead by steering slightly off path and using the matching service for pet adoption instead of romantic interests. Tinderers who swipe yes to one of the puppy pics receive a message with a link to a nonprofit that rescued the dog, and they’ll get information on adoption and volunteering.

Why we’re hooked:

This adds a whole new level of value to Tinder’s location-based matching service, and it’s a beneficial feature, delivering impact to a local community.

Pinterest Messaging

Up until now, Pinterest users could send pins to each other, but they could never actually engage in a conversation about them. A new update introduces messaging to make pinning even more addicting, fun and collaborative by being able to message someone directly in Pinterest.

Why we’re hooked:

Facebook just moved Messenger to a completely separate app from Facebook, Instagram announced Instagram Direct, Twitter is working on improving Direct Messaging and Snapchat added Chat. We’re sensing a theme here. Beyond the overall trend in social media for easier group and one-on-one messaging, this makes Pinterest an even better platform for planning events, creating conversation around specific projects and sharing in general.


What We’re Hooked On: Bolt, TD Bank’s New ATM and Twitter Interactions

The world of marketing is constantly evolving as brands get more creative with new technology, platforms and ideas. Every company wants its “Oreo moment” or come up with the next big thing. We think it’s important to keep up with the latest and greatest happenings in the industry, beyond buzzwords. Here’s what we’re hooked on this week.


This week we met Bolt, Instagram’s “one-tap” messaging app that launched in New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa (65 percent of Instagram’s users are overseas). Unlike Snapchat, Bolt puts friend icons and send buttons on the same screen, and users can store up to 20 friends.


Why we’re hooked:

Will this compete with Snapchat or other popular applications like Taptalk? As different messaging services become more popular. Brands and marketers have to understand how to cater content to those preferences.

ATM: Automated Thanking Machines

It’s easy to love brands that surprise us and go above and beyond for customers, which is exactly what TD Bank recently did in five Canada locations to reward selected customers. The video below showcases the different prizes unsuspecting customers received when using a TD ATM.

Why we’re hooked:

“The best marketing doesn’t look like marketing.” TD’s message is that it values its customers, and the “random act of kindness” nature of this campaign is what makes it a viral hit. As a marketer, it’s tough to predict whether a campaign or promotion will go viral or not (and whether the money is worth it!), but for TD, this was definitely worth the risk.

Twitter Interactions

Twitter launched a redesign late last year, moving the favorite, retweet and reply icons directly into a user’s Twitter feed, rather than going into an individual tweet to perform any of those actions. Data from ad tech firm Socialbakers shows that move had a huge impact on Twitter engagement and interactions – the average number of interactions per month jumped from 17,098 in June 2013 to 27,653 in June 2014.

Why we’re hooked:

Interactions like retweets, favorites and replies are one of the key metrics for measuring a post or account’s reach. Increased engagement means increased reach and visibility for brands, which falls in line with Twitter’s transformation for advertisers as it rolls out new features like embedded “buy now” buttons.