Month: February 2014

Boost Mobile: Makin’ It Rain During Tax Season!


As Willie once said, GNF is on the road again – this time, with Boost Mobile. We are visiting the brand’s key markets during the height of their tax season drive period to promote their new hot deal: Unlimited talk, text & data at only $35/mo for the first 6 months when you switch to Boost Mobile and purchase a 4G LTE device. Yup  – this tax season Boost Mobile is, as we say, “Makin’ It Rain” with an incredible new offer AND opportunities to win big!

As a part of our “Makin’ It Rain” tour, our branded street teams are handing out scratch-off flyers in and around Boost Mobile stores that award either a T-Shirt prize OR a $50 gift card! Scratch offs are only valid when done inside a Boost Mobile store where one of our GNF Boost Mobile brand ambassadors are stationed.

To add to the experience, each market has radio remotes that are blaring fun tunes within the stores and offering yet another way to make it rain – consumers are invited to step into our Boost Mobile Money Machines for a chance to win $35! To top it all off, an impactful moving billboard truck that shows “raining dollar bills” inside plexiglass walls is driving around building awareness of the promotional offer.

So if you spot an orange umbrella or see our eye-catching “Makin’ It Rain” truck – come say hello!