Month: December 2013

GNF helps Stride Successfully Conclude the 2013 Dew Tour Circuit


Not surprisingly, Stride’s 2nd year as a Dew Tour sponsor ended on a high note…10,000 feet high as a matter fact. We were happy to be in Breckinridge, CO this past weekend as the weather was incredible and the excitement in the crowds was electric.

People were anxious to see Shaun White compete as he works his way toward Sochi. At the village, Stride entertained the masses with activities such as slacklining (a true crowd pleaser!), Stride’s popular mobile game Gumulon and offering thousands of samples of Stride’s Shaun White gum and as well as buttons that helped support Shaun in his events. A successful end to 2013!


Autism Brain Tissue Initiative


The Autism Brain Net is a new network of research institutions around the U.S. that will collaborate on groundbreaking brain research. Brain study is the key to solving autism. So the Autism Brain Net has teamed-up with GNF to create a marketing campaign to build awareness among families with autistic family members about the need for brain tissue to conduct autism research.

The campaign will feature families who have registered to donate brain tissue, when the time comes. And this past Saturday we photographed and interviewed the family that will be featured in the first print ad and on the web site when the campaign launches in 2014.