Month: November 2013

Honey Maid Virtual Workshop with PrideBites

It’s was a Virtual Workshop for the winner of the latest Honey Maid Made Co. contest: Design a Dog Toy. Our 11 year old winner, Sophia from Northbrook, IL, “met” the co-founders of PrideBites, Sam and Steven, in an online video conference from their new offices in Austin, TX. They shared with Sophia the ‘PrideBites origins’ story, introduced their corporate mascots (Mona, Coop and Lou) and walked her through the design and production process. Sophia got to see how her original sketch was transformed into engineering drawings for manufacture and got a tour of the factory. Two weeks letter her real toy arrived!

PrideBites was started in Los Angeles by four guys under the age of 25 who took their passion for dogs to the next level. This passion sparked their interest to give back to the dog community through their “Buy a Toy, Help Save a Dog” movement. They wanted dogs to take PRIDE in the quality of their toys, while giving back to the pet community, so PrideBites was formed. For every toy sold, PrideBites donates to animal shelters and other organizations that help dogs in need. Visit them at