Month: September 2013

Maestro Dobel – Hollywood Birthday

At GNF we are always thinking about our brands – but not only when we are in the office; at the gym, in the shower, on weekends – literally all the time! Creative ideas and strategic positioning don’t follow a 9-5 schedule you know! It’s that kind of passion that got our client, Proximo Spirits, an opportunity to showcase their ultra-premium tequila, Maestro Dobel, at a star-studded Hollywood birthday party this past Saturday night. “We got a call early Friday morning about a potential opportunity to have a liquor brand featured at an exclusive celebrity birthday party. We knew immediately that Maestro Dobel would be a perfect fit. It was just a matter of moving quickly.”, said Marc Weilheimer, Director of Entertainment. The next day Maestro Dobel was being served to an exclusive list of Hollywood celebrities at a mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

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Honey Maid- Life Is Good Festival Sampling Event

This past (gorgeous!) weekend GNF happily welcomed the Fall season with one of our yummiest clients, Honey Maid. At the Life Is Good Festival in Canton, Mass, our staff greeted our Honey Maid consumers and distributed thousands of Honey Maid Grahamfuls samples. This marked Honey Maid’s first year as a sponsor for this philanthropic event that raises money for kids, who through unfortunate struggles, need to have their playfulness, joy, optimism and loving connections restored through life changing programs. Not only did the upbeat festival provide a great forum to sample our healthy snacks – made from 100% whole grain and without high fructose corn syrup, but it also gave us a great opportunity to hear what Mom’s had to say about Grahamfuls. The consensus? Moms are thankful to have a HEALTHY snack that their kids love to eat!


Virgin Mobile – FreeFest RadioShack Promotion

Wanna go to Virgin Mobile’s FreeFest? Yea – we do too! In anticipation of Virgin Mobile’s charity concert series, developed to support Re-Gen, the brand handed out fliers and wore large helium balloons that directed consumers to RadioShack for a chance to win a coveted all-expenses paid trip to the music festival in Columbia, MD on September 21st!


Virgin Mobile – Samsung GSIII

Over Labor Day weekend Virgin Mobile took its music roots to the streets of Chicago, Boston, D.C., Minneapolis, Seattle, NYC, Dallas and San Francisco. In the most unusual of jam band performances – the Virgin Mobile street performers played instruments on…wait for it…the new Samsung GSIII!

These highly unlikely pop-up concerts didn’t just entertain; they raised money for Re-Generation, the brand’s organization to help homeless youths.  Listeners were urged make a donation to the cause via text.

Rock on Virgin Mobile. Rock on