Month: August 2013

Assurance Wireless – Meals On Wheels

As the season of giving begins, so does GNF’s efforts to pair Virgin Mobile’s Assurance Wireless, a government benefit program supported by the federal Universal Service Fund, with other charitable organizations in an effort to reach a shared target.

Our first pairing was just before the Labor Day weekend, with the well-established Meals On Wheels (MOW) organization at their Annual Conference and Common Goods Expo in Boston, MA.

The goal? To distribute branded tote bags that included turnkey materials for the MOW representatives to use when speaking with their clients about the Assurance Wireless program. The totes were prepackaged with state specific applications, prepaid envelopes and fliers – an easy tool kit of sorts for the representatives to bring back to their communities. In addition to the totes, our staff and brand mangers spoke to the representatives about the real benefits of Assurance Wireless and how their clients’ lives could improve with just a single application.

Great results from our first event – looking forward to more this year!