Month: June 2012

Trident Gum – ‘See What Unfolds’ Tour / NY

β€œATTENTION! AUDIENCE MEMBERS IN THE FRONT ROW MAY BE SPATTERED WITH LIQUIDS OR OTHER FOOD ITEMS.” This was the warning posted all over NYC’s Terminal 5 last night. The warning came before an hour-long set by world renowned DJ, Steve Aoki.

However, what β€œunfolded” afterwards was a surprise to everyone. The night was part of the launch of the Trident See What Unfolds experiential tour; the kickoff event marked the start of our 8-week tour that takes a larger-than-life-sized traveling pack of Trident Gum cross-country. While stopped in major cities the pack will unfold, presenting consumers with any number of surprise activities. The surprise at last night’s concert was a special mash-up set with DJ Steve Aoki and Duran Duran, who played a special remix of the group’s 80’s anthem, β€œHungry Like The Wolf.” Trident fans should be on the lookout for the traveling pack in their city, because you’re never sure what fun may unfold!