Month: June 2012

Trident Gum – ‘See What Unfolds’ Tour / NY

“ATTENTION! AUDIENCE MEMBERS IN THE FRONT ROW MAY BE SPATTERED WITH LIQUIDS OR OTHER FOOD ITEMS.” This was the warning posted all over NYC’s Terminal 5 last night. The warning came before an hour-long set by world renowned DJ, Steve Aoki.

However, what “unfolded” afterwards was a surprise to everyone. The night was part of the launch of the Trident See What Unfolds experiential tour; the kickoff event marked the start of our 8-week tour that takes a larger-than-life-sized traveling pack of Trident Gum cross-country. While stopped in major cities the pack will unfold, presenting consumers with any number of surprise activities. The surprise at last night’s concert was a special mash-up set with DJ Steve Aoki and Duran Duran, who played a special remix of the group’s 80’s anthem, “Hungry Like The Wolf.” Trident fans should be on the lookout for the traveling pack in their city, because you’re never sure what fun may unfold!