Take a deep breath. Then take the GMAT.

It is a passage of life that many young college students must encounter. Simply put, taking the GMAT exam is the necessary next step for those looking to go to graduate school.

It is also a time when young people are simply stressed out about the culmination of a college career, which isn’t aided by the pressure of preparing for an intensive test like the GMAT.

That’s why on college campuses, we are helping students realize that the GMAT understands them. Our launch of the G-MAT yoga classes lets us explain the virtues of taking the test now, while simultaneously calming their anxiety levels.

Early indications from campuses like University of Texas at Austin to Cornell, are that the student body appreciates the gesture and respects the effort to relay the important information about taking the test while grounding them with simple facts and rationale.

Sign ups to date are increasing while stress levels are said to be decreasing. To that we say “Om.”

Check out these photos from one of the events:

Maestro Dobel Tequila Brought a Splash of Color to the Lollapalooza 2017 Music Festival

For the third year, GNF designed and directed Maestro Dobel® Tequila’s experiential programs at the Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago. With nearly 250,000 people attending in its unique urban setting in downtown Chicago’s Grant Park, it offers the perfect opportunity to reach the Dobel target.

For the first time, GNF activated an experiential event in the General Admission area for Dobel to engage with thousands of attendees. Leveraging the brand positioning of blending Extra-Añejo, Añejo and Reposado Tequila to create the unique character and smoothness of Dobel Diamante Tequila, GNF created the “Perfect Blend of Artistry and Mastery” Artist Wall. We brought in four well known mural artists from around the world and over the four days each artist painted on a life-sized Dobel-branded canvas in their own unique style. Thousands of photos were taken of them at work and social media spread the word and garnered exposure for the Dobel brand.

In addition to the Artists Wall, Dobel entertained and engaged festival comers in the VIP section. Attendees were served their choice of any three delicious Dobel specialty-cocktails, while having the opportunity to partake in karaoke or listen to and interact with the DJ.

Each artist also custom painted an electric guitar that could be won by people in the VIP area who entered the sweepstakes.

Everyone had a great time celebrating Chicago’s music and art with Dobel Tequila. We can’t wait to see you next year at Lollapalooza 2018.

Check out these photos from the event:


Unbox Your Phone: Samsung S8 Launch

To support the Samsung S8 smartphone launch, GNF took to the streets of South Beach to drive awareness, interest and create up-close firsthand interaction. A large black box was placed in high-trafficked areas and became a conversation piece as it showcased the words “unbox your phone” as a clue to the contents.

Throughout the evening, the box unfolded creating a spectacle on the street. Each performance included music, dancers and giveaways. GNF Brand Ambassadors worked the crowd to demo the S8 so consumers could touch and see the first-ever infinity display.

To further enhance this experience and promote the unmatched color clarity, GNF selected world renown artist, Romero Britto. His colorful art provided the illuminated background for this happening.

Britto made surprise appearances and interacted with the crowd. This drove local media coverage and generated local Sprint store traffic and sales of the S8.


Lend a Hand to Earn Your Wings from Gran Centenario Tequila

Gran Centenario continues to celebrate the power of giving back and has expanded their efforts by partnering with local charity organizations across the country, organizing opportunities that allow people to volunteer their time to improve the local community. Those who volunteer at these 2-3 hour events to give back to their community have earned their wings to become “Angels On Earth.”

Community volunteer projects range from restoring playgrounds and recreation areas to beach or park cleanups, planting gardens in vacant lots and painting over graffiti.

At the conclusion of each volunteer event, participants are rewarded with an exclusive VIP after-party at a top restaurant nearby. Gran Centenario specialty cocktails and delicious food are served as a way to thank these volunteers who share the same traditional values held in high esteem by Mexico’s most award-winning ultra-premium tequilas.

GNF’s Sampling Tour Takes Fleet of GOOD THiNS Carts Across America

GNF created a campaign to support the launch of GOOD THiNS, a brand new snack from Mondelēz. We created awareness and engaged our target, primarily made up of full-time workers, via experiential sampling in 19 markets across the U.S. and through a corporate sampling initiative. GNF managed all aspects of the campaign including scheduling, staffing, creative design and production.

The sampling tour kicked off in NYC near heavily trafficked commuter hubs and business districts like Wall Street and Grand Central. Brand ambassadors spread the GOOD word about GOOD THiNS and manned our fleet of branded carts while passersby tasted delicious samples and sent free “GOOD JOB from GOOD THiNS” packages to coworkers and friends. Packages were sent complete with a full-size box of product, balloon and customizable To/From sticker. We’ve hand-delivered over 500 packages so far to reward recipients for doing a GOOD job at work with GOOD THiNS – a snack they can feel GOOD about eating that tastes GOOD, too!

Through the corporate sampling initiative, our message extended even further to 5,000 employees across 14 select companies. Our corporate sampling kit provided refrigerator magnets, posters, table tents, and of course, product to give employees a taste of their new go-to afternoon snack and encourage consumption at work. They even received coupons to stimulate purchase of GOOD THiNS as a must-have office pantry staple. Now, that’s GOOD!


Good Thins 022Good Thins 094Good Thins 040Good Thins 113 Good Thins 047Good Thins 085Good Thins 092Good Thins 051Good Thins 066Good Thins 102Good Thins 024Good Thins 100

GNF Gets Rock Star Lenny Kravitz to Perform in Las Vegas for EMC Client!

Lenny Kravitz rocked Las Vegas at a sensational EMC partner appreciation event held this past Tuesday, May 3rd during the 2016 Global Partner Summit. Over a thousand invited guests attended a private nighttime poolside party featuring an electrifying performance by superstar Lenny Kravitz!

The party took place on the outdoor pool deck of the Marquee nightclub at the Cosmopolitan Hotel with the dazzling Las Vegas strip serving as the backdrop. The unique poolside venue coupled with such a legendary musical performance made for a night to remember.

Party-goers swarmed the front of the stage to watch Lenny Kravitz and his band rock the house and VIP guests were treated to an exclusive meet and greet with Lenny after the show. Guests received the rock star treatment as they savored delicious food and enjoyed EMC signature cocktails featuring Dobel Diamante Tequila.

GNF negotiated, planned, managed and produced all aspects of the event including securing Lenny Kravitz to perform, concert production, venue and hotel selection and management, guest hospitality, transportation, and design of all program creative elements.



Catch of the Week

Catch of the Week: Always #LikeAGirl Campaign Fights for Girl-Powered Emojis

Always #LikeAGirl

Although girls send over a billion emojis each day, they’re not always representative of the girls sending them. Always continues their #LikeAGirl campaign by launching a brand new video to draw attention to the lack of representation of female potential in the emoji world.

Currently, emojis depict athletes and professionals as men with no suitable version for girls. The video calls out that the only female “profession” among the selections is a bride and that most female emojis are overridden with pink. Per Mashable, 54% of 16-24 year olds polled think female emojis are stereotypical and 75% expressed a desire for more progressive emojis. As with their previous campaign videos, this one focuses on the effects that limiting these selections can have on girls’ confidence.

The campaign asks girls to share a picture, video or tweet with #LikeAGirl to let Always know what new girl-powered emojis they’d like to see. Always has even asked the Unicode Consortium to expand emojis to include more accurate depictions of modern girls and the Unicode Consortium has commented that they’re supportive of the efforts that Always is making. At the very least, this is an encouraging step in the right direction and aligns with Unicode’s recent updates to broaden cultural representation.

Check out the commercial below:


Bonus Catch: Noosa Recycled Billboard

Noosa Yoghurt recycled 6,000 of their yogurt lids to create a jaw-dropping billboard full of home-state pride. Based in Colorado from the start, Noosa Yoghurt was acquired by a private equity company in 2014. As is often the case in these situations, consumers may become concerned about product changes as a result of the influx of money behind their favorite brand. To alleviate these concerns, Noosa wanted to clearly let consumers know that they are committed and proud of their Colorado roots. What better way to get the point across than with a giant billboard depicting the Colorado flag made out of recycled Noosa yogurt lids? The lids were attached and hand painted off-site before being transported and assembled in downtown Denver.

This out-of-the-box technique was dually clever for both its message of Colorado pride and unique way of recycling. It shows the brand’s strong ties to Colorado and commitment to local consumers. Plus, it’s an eye-catching way to recycle in a world that’s becoming more and more focused on environmental responsibility, especially where brands are concerned.

Take a look at the unique result:1

Hooked On: Facebook Reactions, Passive WiFi, AutoTrack from Google




New Facebook Reactions Available Globally

Facebook just rolled out a new set of “reaction” buttons to let you express yourself. In addition to the existing “Like” button, you can now “Love,” “Haha,” “Wow,” “Sad,” and “Angry” your friends’ posts. This new feature has been a long time coming and was likely spurred by Facebook users’ countless requests for a “Dislike” button to use when a “Like” or comment was not appropriate. It allows people to simply and quickly express common reactions on posts within their News Feed. To add a reaction, users have to hold down the “Like” button on mobile or hover over the “Like” button on desktop to view and select one of the new reaction options. In testing, the “Love” reaction was the most used. Facebook will count these reactions in the same way it counts “Likes” in regards to the News Feed algorithm. The reactions will also be dynamic, possibly changing with global events to cater to common reactions. This update is just one of many this year, including the capabilities to post cinemagraph profile photos and send personalized birthday video posts to friends.

Why We’re Hooked: The reactions allow for a broad spectrum of expression and Facebook will be watching closely to see how these are being used in order to glean insights and evolve the feature. This change also likely means that the new data will become available to advertisers and targeting Facebook Ads based on reaction button use could become a reality. Advertisers would be able to produce different ads to garner reactions from different reaction button users, those who use “Haha” versus “Wow,” for example, and then deploy the ads to their respective target audiences. Brands are already embracing the new feature to create relevant messaging. Chevrolet took advantage of the launch with an online commercial insisting that a “Like” is too commonplace, and it’s time to “Love” the new Malibu, courtesy of the new reaction buttons. Of course the ad was posted to Facebook, garnering many a “Like,” “Love,” “Wow,” “Haha,” and “Angry” of its own. View the ad here.



Passive Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi consumes a lot of energy from our devices, which in turn drains battery life on “smart” phones, watches and gadgets alike. A group of researchers from the University of Washington may have solved that problem with their “passive Wi-Fi” invention, which uses 10,000 times less power to wirelessly connect to the Internet. Even in comparison to Bluetooth Low Energy connections, it still uses 1,000 times less power and is 11 times faster.

Why We’re Hooked: The implications of such low-energy Wi-Fi could possibly eliminate the need for batteries altogether and would certainly lower costs. The Internet of Things, an increasingly popular and important trend, would be hugely affected by the possibility of passive Wi-Fi by making it easier and more cost effective to implement connectivity within everyday objects to make them “smart”. Though not officially available, the discovery has garnered attention by MIT Technology Review as one of the 10 breakthrough technologies of 2016 and early tests are being performed by company Jeeva Wireless with hopes to bring passive Wi-Fi to the market.




Google Launches Autotrack

Autotrack is a library of plugins for analytics.js, designed to give sites common tracking features automatically. The library makes it easy to use the entire library as-is or individually enable certain plugins.

Why We’re Hooked: As sites become more complex and less traditional, Autotrack helps developers track relevant data with a minimal learning curve. Per the Google Analytics Blog Post,

“The web has changed a lot since the early days of Google Analytics… With sites like this, it’s possible to track the majority of relevant user interactions with a single, one-size-fits-all JavaScript tracking snippet.”

Tracking common data that has traditionally required code customization and manual entry can now happen automatically. The bottom line: It’s becoming less complicated and less technical for developers to track relevant data, which saves time and ultimately money.

Art Basel: Gran Centenario Angels on Earth Event in Miami

GNF worked with Gran Centenario® Tequila to conceptualize, coordinate and create artwork for their second spectacular Angels on Earth event, hosted by famed artist Domingo Zapata during Art Basel in Miami.

Domingo Zapata painted two sets of Gran Centenario signature Angel Wings exclusively for the event held at WALL Lounge in the W South Beach Hotel. These stunning original works of art were showcased as the focal point of the star-studded bash. A silent auction for the wings raised over $10,000 to benefit the Miami Children’s Hospital.

Guests enjoyed beautiful artwork as they sipped on Gran Centenario signature cocktails and mingled with real-life Gran Centenario Angels.

In case you missed it, check out the first Angels on Earth event: Gran Centenario Angels on Earth Event – Los Angeles


Domingo-Zapata6dsc_3166-jpg 1

Gran Centenario Tequila’s Angels On Earth Event


GNF ideated, managed and executed Gran Centenario’s Angels On Earth event hosted by Christina Milian. It kicked off this week amidst sensational views at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles to honor the next chapter of “Angels in Training,” whose selflessness and virtuous service have improved the local Latino community.

Gran Centenario’s signature Angel Wings were transformed into works of art by celebrities and local Latino artists.

We worked with “Angel In Training” Kathy Gallegos and her Los Angeles-based gallery, Avenue 50 Studio, to showcase up-and-coming local Latino artists at this one-of-a-kind event. Celebrities who participated and unleashed their creativity to customize a set of wings include Christina Milian and Adam Lambert. Real-life Gran Centenario Angels modeled some of the wings and an auction was held for the exclusive artwork. All proceeds will be donated to organizations that support the local Latino community to further enforce Gran Centenario’s Mexican heritage and commitment to Latino community improvement.

The event garnered tons of media attention with a segment on E! and star-studded appearances by Maria Menounos, Adam Rodriguez, Chris Zylka, Alexis Knapp and more!

Christina+Milian+Hosts+Gran+Centenario+Tequila+-FIYkqCt01QlChristina+Milian+Hosts+Gran+Centenario+Tequila+Hmrh7Qdbh8Ulphoto 7 Christina+Milian+Hosts+Gran+Centenario+Tequila+DZA8PBDtNFXl Christina+Milian+Hosts+Gran+Centenario+Tequila+m6JLcX7j972l